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Q:  How did fire plugs get their name?


Hey, ya'll!  Giggles here! 
Its about that time again.  Time for school!  Children and parents are gearing up with notebooks and pencils and boxes of tissues. 
Soon enough, it will be time for Fire Prevention Week.  Are you ready?  This is an important time to teach your children about Fire Safety.  Take an active part with your local school or fire department and help get the word out about it.
Also, its a good idea to check your house for smoke detectors.  Got batteries? 
As summer winds down, more and more people will be barbecuing, taking advantage of the wonderful warm weather we've been having.  Be sure you have water on hand and stay close to your pit. 
Water safety is also very important at this time of year.  Keep a close eye on your children, especially the younger ones that dont know how to swim.  Supervise them at all times. 
Vigilance is the key word here. 
Have a safe and happy summer!
HCVFD meets at the HCVFD Training Center on 1st, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.  Anyone interested in joining, just come to the meeting and fill out an application!
See ya'll there!

A - Water pipes used to be made of wood.  Firefighters had to chop a hole in it to use the water, then plug it up after they were through.  The plugs were re-usable!