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As everybody can tell the brush and grasses are tall and dry. All throughout the county everybody is asked te be safe with whatever it is they are doing. With the wind we are getting and the dry brush it is a bad mixture for everybody. The possibility will always be there for a fire, at the smallest spark. Safe Practices are advised with burn barrels, or driving through the fields.

On July 25, 2016  the county comissioners enacted a 90 day burn ban for Howard County. You can burn in a metal barrel, BUT you need to be with the fire at all times, and on the barrel you need to have a tight net screen to keep burning materials in the barrel. A water hose is to be by your burn barrel with a wet area aroung the barrel. A $500 fine will incur if the fire moves out and away from your barrel.

After every fire make sure to check and refill all of the fluids on your fire truck. It only take an extra 10 to 20 minutes to get the truck ready and back in service, so that every one can go home safely!

Fires around Howard County

Pumper 10 responding to an asphault tank fire

Find the Fire Dragon in this Pic. . . . .

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